I Love Taiji.

Taiji (T’ai Chi) has been the most constant thing in my life – a companion for more than 30 years. It has strengthened me, played with me… challenged me… and taught me about myself and my life.

Taiji Has Something For Everyone.

There are so many things I could write about Taiji – the obvious things that everyone writes about: how good Taiji is for you physically (it has been shown to have incredible health benefits for everything from MS to diabetes to heart disease); it’s traditionally thought to be the highest form of martial arts; and it’s so beautiful to watch and perform.

Taiji is an Adventure.

In the words of Forrest Gump – Taiji is like a box of chocolates (you might be surprised by what you get)! I’ve been teaching Taiji for 25+ years, and I’ve seen my students learn things I hadn’t expected time and time again.

A few years ago I started filming a short video series called “Urban T’ai Chi Adventures.” I wanted to show that a) Taiji didn’t have to be “serious,” and b) Taiji could (and should) be done anywhere! The best part of the videos are always the reactions of the people who walk through the shot. Taiji surprises people, inspires people and invites people (come on… you know you want to move like this too)!

Taiji Is Easy / Taiji Is Fun.

I often raise eyebrows when I tell people I think Taiji is easy. What’s behind my philosophy is the understanding that most of the things we want or need in life are easy. It is our resistance to them that make them seem “hard.” Taiji – the harmony of life, health and happiness – is inside all of us. When I teach Taiji, I don’t think of myself as putting new abilities into a student. I’m just helping them remove the blocks in their bodies, minds, emotions and Spirit to let their Taiji out!

Most of all, I think Taiji should always be fun. If you’re not having fun – why the heck are you doing it? Life’s too short to spend it making yourself miserable! As I always remind my audiences, Taiji was meant to be “played,” not “worked.”